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A Taste of Success: Our Experience as Exhibitors at "Taste Urban" in Atlanta

Amid the vibrant pulse of Atlanta, within the bustling "Taste Urban" event, we had the privilege of showcasing our presence as exhibitors. This event showcased a wide range of businesses run by black entrepreneurs. As exhibitors, we connected with potential clients, shared our financial education content, and highlighted the importance of understanding money. Our experience at "Taste Urban" was enlightening, offering insight into the diversity of black entrepreneurship and introducing us to remarkable individuals, including the event's founder and CEO, Corey NetworKING.

**A Diverse Mix of Urban Businesses**

"Taste Urban" in Atlanta was a celebration of urban entrepreneurship. The event brought together various businesses, such as fashion, technology, financial services, wellness, and more. Each exhibitor put a lot of effort into their offerings, giving them a unique touch.

As Investor's Playbook, our goal is to spread financial knowledge and help people make informed decisions about their money. Being part of an event that celebrated black entrepreneurship allowed us to connect with fellow business owners who share our commitment to educating and empowering the community. It was heartening to see many passionate entrepreneurs eager to make a positive impact.

**Connecting with Potential Clients**

Our role as exhibitors allowed us to engage with potential clients and share our message about financial literacy. We had informative materials and eye-catching visuals at our booth, emphasizing the benefits of understanding and managing money. We had meaningful conversations with attendees who were eager to learn more about financial literacy and how it can improve their lives.

We also used the event to promote our YouTube channel and podcasts, sharing valuable insights. Attendees were enthusiastic, showing a strong interest in enhancing their financial well-being.



**Interviewing Inspiring Individuals**

One of the most exciting parts of our experience at "Taste Urban" was interviewing people who represented the entrepreneurial spirit of the event. We spoke with business owners, innovators, and community leaders, learning about their journeys and the impact of their work.

Our interviews even included the event's founder and CEO, Corey NetworKING. Talking to Corey allowed us discover his #1 financial tip.

**Future Plans: Continuing with "Taste Urban" in Atlanta**

As we reflect on our experience as exhibitors at "Taste Urban" in Atlanta, we are grateful and excited. The event not only gave us a platform to share the importance of financial literacy but also connected us with inspiring individuals and businesses dedicated to uplifting the black community.

We look forward to participating in "Taste Urban" in Atlanta again, connecting with more people, expanding our network, and continuing our mission to spread financial knowledge. Our experience at "Taste Urban" was a reminder of the incredible potential within our community, waiting to be celebrated.

In the spirit of "Taste Urban" in Atlanta, we will continue to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to make wise financial decisions. We eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to be part of this exceptional event and contribute to the tapestry of black entrepreneurship and community empowerment.

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